Friday, June 26, 2009

Next Door

Next Door

In A Volume Ridden Neighbourhood
It is hard to tell
How much to weigh
The Truth of Word
And the Truth of Action
When word
When thought
When Action
All Three
Combine to make delightful
Real fantasy or better
We wonder of the many times we have said, "Why???"
When a good, "Why???",
Is answered
With a bounty of pleasant
Days and restful Nights
People stop saying or thinking,
"Poor Me."
Nature stops feeding us
Rain and Misery
Our Authourities stop checking
on our ne'er do well thoughts
And our grand actions become
Something that stands
Behind Love
Instead of Being Weighed
And Put into
Infatuatuion or Lust
Who does know what goes on next door???
- Bran.

Passed Love

When much time passes
We generally say,
"Water Under The Bridge."
When too much has happened
We generally say,
"Let bygones be bygones."
When sweet memories mesh
With sour moments
We might add that that's what we make into
A great recipe for a nourishing meal
A meal that tastes fulfilling
And also challenges all the senses
When seeing into the life
Of someone in your past causes more aches
And pains then when you were in their life,
You tend to give them that ever needed card
That states nothing and has no ink on it
That passed past love keeps our memories on record
And may one day cash it in
For even better memories
That mean a cathartic palate
Means a new day has begun
- Bran.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Toads In Pine Trees

A commercial about a company that prevents Toads From Falling out of Pine Trees is needed.
It lands on a guy's shoulder and he would say, "!?!"
And then he would say, "Where'd that Toad come from???"
That's where the company would be needed...or better yet the commercial.
Stop the needless act of Toads Falling From Pine Trees. Especially from near the top.

Voles/Gators and Diet Guinness

What does a Vole do???
It just remains as dormant as it can until somthing digs it up and then it still stays dormant.
Cats don't even eat them... they even re-bury them.
Alligators aren't delicious. Even when deep fried in chunks and with a rich malty brew.
Diet Guinness doesn't go well with Alligator unless you can find Diet Guinness... then both are awful... but they make great stories.

Mace Windu

Mace Windu is the Lando Calrissean of the PreQuels.
Look into what his character does and compare it with the originals.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brooding and Day 2 Day

As opposed to mental health concerns in society today and in my own head. I'm not really dealing with too much now, except for the occasional brooding episode.
Brooding is mostly about whether or not I did or did not do something.
Whether I negated to do something for good reasons or whether I remembered not to do something for bad reasons.
You sit and wonder about what you said or what you did and you wonder how it effected/affected the people that are in your life or came into your life for that specific period. And how you could have prevented it or made it better.
How do you heal something that you had control over and didn't rectify it or something that you did wrong and have it sit inside you and become a sty on your upper eyelid because of some weird karmic befelling.
Brooding is a lot like worry.
Except brooding is about something that has happened in life and worry is generally about something something that hasn't and might.
They are always comparable.
A brooder normally sits and thinks about doing better the next time the same thing happens. Even though it probably never will. A brooder wishes that the first time it happens he could have done it perfectly.
Worry is about something that may happen and not having the ability to do anything about it. Brooding is a little like a worrier with wanting more of a perfect outcome the next time that thing that you didn't get perfect on happens again.
What do you do about brooding?
How do you cure a brooder?
What if I reacted this way and not that way?
Zigged instead of Zagged?
If I shot that basketball instead of passed it I would have got the assist that won the game instead of missing the gawl-danged dunk.
I'll be working on the essence of brooding in posts to come.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Art The Fart, The Blueberry Tart

Here's a little piece from a place in Bowmanton, Ontario called
The Primrose Donkey Sanctuary.
I volunteer there to clean up after the animals and learn more and more each time...
I also am in the middle of writing something about each of them...
here's a sort of poem about a downtrodden Pot Bellied Pig.


Cleaning the sty of a Pot Bellied Buddy who has problems with his senses is a little difficult
Even if you know him
Art cannot see or hear
For a Pig of sorts his rooter doesn't even work that well
While organizing his bed and floor, taking bad straw for good, Art farted
Art munched my workbook... casually
Art used his muscle
As I was inturder, he was not interested in having a Pen that had a better Sandra Bernhardt, "Feng Shui'd" House and Waterbowl
Art the sensory deprived, Pot Bellied Pig had no time for a fool like me
until he realized what I was doing
He then made his bed while I got around him
Art organizing his confines while I avoided him had its sweet and sour moments
The episode of "cleaning the sty" made me notice that having a roommate in your room
isn't as easy when you belong to a different species that traditionally belongs on an oven and then a plate
Art understood...hence the unruliness
Art still hasn't figured out that he is safe with flatulence and a name
The Named do not usually become delicious food.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Air Monkeys

You take a look at your sink or in and around the fruit during the stifling heat of the summer.
You take a gander at your rotting grapes.
I figure you've got to get yourself some tiny individualized ZIPLOC baggie for your different types of grapes.
Each making a different kind of monkey.
Bring out those drawings of the past from comic books of their relatives of the ocean depths.
A king and his sceptre.
A Queen and her Crown.
A princess and her tiara.
Set up shop on the curb beside Sally and her dime for a cup of lemonade.
Each little bag, once open is every child's delight!
Play a joke on your parent's by putting an Air Monkey Bulb (grape) in Dad's Underwear drawer and soon the whole room will be teaming with this new ruling class of frenetic frequent flyers!
Air Monkeys love to party!
Put out a tiny glass of wine and you'll have the best frathouse experiment goin'!
Good Luck and look for them this Summer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

647.521.2399 - Slide


bin down
bin around
bin there
bin through it
Passed the tests
C's and D's and A's and B's
and a few perfect passes
figured out a plan
figured out the way I am
figured out what I need
Figured out the need in me
Developed a passion for simplicity
Redesigned my life in the ways that it takes
you to the edge and through
Addressed every situation and have seen through all the sickness
Saw through all the pain
Harnessed all the great healing powers
Developed a style all my own and wondered
How quickly, if ever, if the world will follow
Follow me to a place where we will make paradise a real possibility
for the ones allowed to be there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday Vegetation

Sunday Vegetation

Ancient New Classic Modern Movies
In A Trance From Fist Shaking Parking Lot Football Rivalries
Dozing From Soft "Clap-A-Lot" Golf Duel
Introspective Chats About The Mights Of Cleaning
Beer Tastes Fresh But Stale
Coffee Tastes Like Lumpy Gravy
Even When Perked To Perfection
Analysis Of Daily Living Flatlines
Numbness Of Affection Results In A Delayed Gratitude
Broken Smiles Are Wrinkle Proof
Pillow Head Stuck To Crusty Leaky Eyes And Mouth
Marshmallow Teeth Need A Good Brushin'
Sunlight Seamstress Through Curtains Screams,
"Bright Light!!!Bright Light!!!"
Shower That Does Not Take Dusts Off The Aura
Maid Comes Dressed As A Garbage Man
Its Your Mom
She Smiles
And Announces,
"Did You Feed Your Fish???"

Blades Of Grass

Blades Of Grass

Like sword that cuts through The Pain
Wings so delicate yet Unbreakable
Eyes pierce the wicked and shoot light into lost souls
Narrow minds opened by a simple innate goodness
Tragic loss transormed into resilient knowledge
Deep unhealed scars seen only by perception
Deep healed wounds examined by metaphysical invisible faith healers
Passage of understanding granted not by passing tests but by gaining points
Through deconstruction of lies
Building architectural monoliths out of dust and tears and blood and sand
Perception changed in seeing through the intentions of dark demons
Examining their tangible universal worth
Wordy cryptic psalms reached to the masses to corrupt and disspell the truth in understanding
That Love is a true encounter of the third kind and is a message that cannot be lost
A message where there is no bargaining about wealth and no ransom is needed to save
Blades of grass that cut deeper than the greatest of Samurai

Friday, May 8, 2009

Camp KoolAid Swamp

Kool-Aid Powder with Iodine and Neutralizer
Busted Back of the Neck
and a New Hunch
A Canoe on Your Head
Bubblegum the Reward for Dessert
JD the Watery Treat that bodes
A Canoe On Your Head
Portage is just a fancy way of saying,
"You're Fucked... , ya gotta walk."
So you begin to enjoy the Pain
Until you get to the Stagnant Paradise
and pray
for Maxim broads to show up
One paira undies'll do ya
As long as you take enough Imodium so you don't have to poop all weekend
Trying to get through that Gift of a coupla Free Days
with a shit stain on your gotchies while camping is like walking a mile uphill on mossy boulders with roots scratching your legs and Pterodactyls sucking your arms dry
A Canoe on Your Head
Difficult but not impossible
That's the way things are
That's why I bought lots of beer, liquor and that leather flask of Cheap House
Dulls the frustration and makes the reward sweeter
Makes you enjoy the Upwoods Life
A Canoe on Your Head
When They Don't Show.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Narcoleptic Wildlife

Splayed Out Like An Ugly Centrefold
Not Very Ladylike
Your Mother Would Not Be Proud
In Your Glory,
All Sleepy On The Road's Shoulder

You Are Just Sleeping, Right???

That's Just What I Tell The 4 Year Old Beside Me

Your Brother,
The Pulpy Mess In The Middle Of The Road,
Well... He's Just Changed His Coat
You Know...
Like A Snake Fires Of His Skin In The Hot Sand

Raccoons Hide When They're Naked
Its Just Embarassing To See A Fleshy Pink Raccoon
Seemingly Flaunting It All In Broad Daylight
Not For The Nature Enthusiast
But For The Raccoon Himself
Show Some Bloody Respect For The Narcoleptic Roadside Wildlife
He Is Just Sleepin' It Off
You Wouldn't Want His Job.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day Two

After spending a solid period of time trying to break into a test market of selling expensive self-published poetry books (AKA Chapbooks) I am now focusing on this first time blog thing to see about the best way to out there in the world to people who have yet to experience reading my stuff. I hit black on selling this little creatively, print shop enhanced thin book of a varied genre of writing and art, I am quite proud to say that I am a paid writer and author now. In a tiny community I have been published locally in the free circulars and I am now putting myself out there for cash and in the hard copy sense as opposed to cyberly. I hope cyberly is an effective enough way to market a product in the real world.
If you have heard of me and my work feel free to share your particulars with me online. I will not be using the facebook way of getting around. Not for any real reason, just to see how a person can survive under strictly the written word. I wish to advance this as this blog effort starts to pay off with exposure and arched eyebrows.
Contact me at
my gmail-
my cellular- feel free to leave a message on the little invisible vapour of voicemail
or mail the anthrax to my address-
765 Northwood Drive
Cobourg, ON
K9A 4W2

Just putting it out there!