Friday, April 23, 2010

Mental Health and Scribing and Voicing and Hoping for Listeners

Having had success with poetry, verse and oration over the last number of years I'd like this blogsite to take on a new theme.
Mental Health truths and stories, almost a memoir of sorts.
It is being inspired by my history of "eventually" jumping the hurdles of mental illness and by the blog by a man in the area named Mike Barnes.
I'm hoping to meet him over the next little while in order to start speaking again. If you happen upon this blog please feel free to folow my progress with my name vein of writing.
After a diagnosis of schizophrenia in 1993 and some follow up diagnoses of depression and post traumatic stress in the latter years I have been doing remarkably well over the past year.
I have, surprisingly since telling the world as an advocate of metal health gone through many episodes some serious, some not so.
I have also been the victim of stigma since coming out as a survivor of mental illness.
Called a "consumer-survivor", the label is given to people who have seen and come out the other side of the mental health system.
I spent a little more than three months in Homewood Health Centre in autumn/winter of 2008-2009.
I followed the comprehensive psychiatric care curriculum to the letter for the time I was in there and came out the other side a new person with new goals and plenty of new friend and professionals helping to guide my visions.
The idea of being in mental health rehabilitation for that amount of time instead of seeing psychiatric wards as a revolving door system for each episode over many years was the best decision I ever could have made.
I have since moved and now live in the "nesting" environment.
My helping my parent's out and them helping me.
A much more loving and social life for someone that was deeply troubled both internally and externally for many years.
In this new blogging effort I will bring up my ideas of surviving with and coping with the stigma of mental illness as well as how humouress life can be when you see it with a little bit of a light hearted nature.
If you can laugh at the seriousness of most problems and laugh with yourself you may be at a gateway to complete and total recovery instead of constantly being in and out of the meat grinder of the physical system itself.
If you are a follower please feel free to ask questions and bring up your concerns. I truly hope to build a lot of writing on this subject and may squeeze a poem in here from time to time.
talk soon,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Bit of Romance For the Lover's Out There...


A short kiss with a long breath
A shadow on the cheeks from a day’s hard drinkin’
Evening old panties taken
The patina belt passes quickly through each loop
The feeling of being unbuttoned
The feeling of claws unzipping denim
Tight grasps of the hips
And forgetting the socks
And forgetting the bra
And forgetting reality’s grip
And forgetting the past
All the letters sent
All the gifts given
All the neck smells wasted
All for a bit of romancin’
And all forgotten but for those stupid brain cells.