Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A List From The Past???

The Stale Licorice Blues
Cap'N Crunch Mouth Sores
Pop Rocks Suicide
Gob Stopper Paralysis
Cheap Hallowe'en Toffee Angst
Dog Park Frankfurter Massacre
Chip Bag Toll Free Numbers
Cheez Whiz Sedation
Teflon Bubble Gum
Cheap Easter Bunny Chocolate
Sour Cream Pasties
Beer Nut Stupor
Theme Park Axle Grease
Ketchup Chip Spit
Visine Dependancy
Sleeping Pill Insomnia
Vodka Clarity
Steel Town Love Shack
Donut Shop Banter
Can I Borrow A Cigarette???
Eye Candy Junky
Cougar Trap
Baggage Handler
Movie Burnout
Apartame Addiction
Vicious Flies
Granny Panties
Strap On Scars

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pins and Needles

The feeling
of deadened unusable limbs
The taste
of sickly sweet fruit
a delicacy of forbidden sensation
The touch
of a lustful kiss between strangers
high on a bond of chakras
The intensity
of a brief encounter with a sensual ghost of lover's past
The pain
of the sight of your enemy enjoying his spoils
The heat
of something so cold
it burns like a river of razorblades
The wave
of goodbyes
an end to a life you once knew
The elation
of an averted glance
seeing two souls who recognize a future
The numbing effect
of being a mortal pin cushion.

Monday, September 27, 2010


A short kiss
A long breath
A shadow on the cheeks from a day's hard drinkin'

A patina belt passes behind the jeans
The feeling of being unbuttoned
The feeling of claws unzipping denim

Evening panties taken off
Tight grasp of the hips

Forgetting the socks
Forgetting the bra
Forgetting reality's grip

All the letters sent
All the moonlight gifts of the full bodied
All the neck smells wasted

All for a bit of Romancin'

Sunday, September 26, 2010


You build on their judgements
Their perception of your lack thereof
Their perception of your weakness
Their wealth of ignorance
You build.
You build on it all.
You break from the thunderclap
The artists break their strings
It becomes an anthem
The underestimation of your worth
The blindness to your light
The glow of your healed scars
Scars only shown through the eyes
Your beacon heart hides
Your racing brain sickens
Underestimation, your greatest strength.
It puzzles them how you keep on
They don't realize that it is your enemy that give you this strength
The strength in their Underestimation

Friday, September 24, 2010

Strength Reserve - a poem

Cash it in
Your karmic debt

Defies reason
Invites doubt
Your calling is a simple smile
Your wisdom cries youth
The pressure soothes the backs of broken men
Your strength is hidden
It seems you're weak
You've held your cards
Yet to a play a hand
You fold the four aces
And show them you had it
They begin to ask why

Looking for the reason,
Hoping for a point

You open up
The real strength is not in the game
The real strength does not come from victory

It comes from knowing
Knowing that you know is strength enough.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Song Review - "Crash Into Me" - The Dave Matthews Band

Crash Into Me - The Dave Matthews Band

A radio hit that jived with me more than any other of Dave Matthew's Songs.
He seemed to be talking about the moment of conception. Or just simply, making love. For song reviews I'll give the song a good once over as I write.
The guitar strumming makes for a great love song... he even includes some great freudian scripture about his momma.
Dave's greatest love song is by far this one...
picking about how innocence grows into adulthood and all of the aspects that true love is, is certainly, in my opinion, what this has in it for me.
"Crash Into Me" was certainly a breakthrough hit for Dave. He's had many since.
If I had a song to make love to, or an album, "Crash Into Me" would be on it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn Thoughts

I recieved a call from a charity today.
I'm glad I was home to recieve it. Helping children acquire snowsuits and clean drinking water was something I've neglected over the last little while.
Money is kind of tight for anything in my life that is charity driven.
I'd still like to help though. I've stopped giving to the change boxes at point of purchase locales.
I'm going to settle with just ONE charity to give to in my life when I can afford to give to it. I still haven't narrowed it down to which one. In my thinking, I've come to a little bit of a dillema. I'd rather work for a charity and donate my time then just simply give. I have more time on my hands than money. I just have to think about where I can apply my hands and what areas would accept my time instead of twenty bucks a month.
I was volunteering at a sanctuary for donkeys that is somewhat local and I thought that I was doing what was right in my heart.
I then thought that I'd like to promote myself as a little bit of a charity. I don't want anyone's charitable donations.
I'd just like to use my time to be "productive" for my self.
I have put this blog on my list as something I'd like to donate my time to. As well as bettering myself by taking the world in. Then, after I fill up, I will use my time for something like a real charity. Until then, I'm having my time and money all to myself. I will continue to grow from that. Maybe my wallet will too.
When I narrow down my choices of a specific real charity to 1, then I will also think about using my moth and button filled wallet to make my life feel more like I'm giving back.
When I have more money than time the world's charities will be a little richer.