Sunday, October 31, 2010


Lifetime of Change.
Beginnings happen without Warning.
Death may just be a gift of a Fresh Start.
To Come into the Light.
Freedom from Darkness,
I am Redeemed.
The Lasting Impression of Worth,
Of Meaning.
I know the Gratitude of The Mortal Coil.
And I See that the Lifetime of Change has reconciled many a plagued soul
And brought me to you, for you.
It may not seem so for I seem knowledgable and strong.
That's your fault.
And you believe you are small and meek.
But in you I see Purity and Valour.

It feeds me to change further.

It feeds me to begin.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

No More Lies

I lied about doing the dishes.
I lied about your shoelace being done up.
I did clean under the oven,
I did buy more condoms.
Even though I've had that Vasectomy.
You lied about your underwear.
You weren't wearing the same pair when you left this morning.
I think it was my fault.
There was a lot in me last night.
I wish I could meet your twin.
Not that she'd be the opposite.
Just that
Be a Cool person to know.
I know a lot of people that have told me that,
To you, I someone else
Someone cool
Someone without issues.
You have some quite neck breaking issues
I've a strong neck.
It's you
It's you completely
You drive me into the path of a tanker truck.
I'll avoid it to stay
With you
And so will she
Your twin
I need you both that much.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I See You
Everywhere I Look
Your face and form are Unique
Yet I See You
Haunted by your Charm
Your mass appeal
Another indication that you still Hold my Heart
With clenched fists
You're in my head
I see every part of You
Haunted by your Smell
You're so inside me now
I need not your Real World form
Although I'd like to try again
Its enough to know you're Still Around
Its enough to know we breathe the same Air
Haunted by Memories so sweet
I remember Your touch
I pray you don't forget Mine.

Monday, October 18, 2010

An Element of Freedom ; An Element of Fear

New Ground Broken
Overwhelming wavelength of energetic thought.
Lost Love education passed with honours.
School and Train of Thought features all emotions.
Foreign elements of change and fear tranquilize the auric field.
Wide open for spirits to engage and tempt.
Nevermind the forethought,
Nevermind the hindsight.
Mention a misgiving and trust is broken.
Fear of territory unknown in the laws of love.
Mortal wound goes unseen.
Finding a spiritual salve for the hidden scars.
Scars deep in the chest.
Scars from the battle for love.
The prescription for the agony of love is kindness
through the simplicity of Openness.
Open is Waiting.
Trust in the belief that in Time, Open will come to you.
Hide nothing,
it isn't needed when you get there anyway.
Freedom confronts Fear.
More new ground broken.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


To Feel it,
even Feel it,
is Amazing.
Every difference settled,
between every, even the most insignificant argument.
Every mismanaged troubled avenue explored, set aside.
Eyes wide open as each soul embraces a new understanding.
Brought together through chaos.
Forgotten disputes settled over satirical memories and all stereotypes simply mocked.
The only ridicule is the game
Each individual achievement, even the smallest, is applauded.
Grins from every nook and every cranny of each pure face.
The foundation was laid in ancient times.
The tower continues to build on itself.
The architecture studied and carefully crafted.
Accepted hand over hand.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Mayhem. Embrace. A Kiss. Air.
Meltdown. Cradled. Sensual. Aura.
The Clouds envelop your Spirit.
A Gift from another Time.
You use the Power for Reason, for Change.
You Trust. You must give Trust for the Flight.
No Wings, just Thought, the Right Thought and you're Up. In Flight.
There is no mind or weight or toxins.
There is Afterlife after the beacon is seen.
We all have the Chance for Flight.
To Leave. To Stay. First Walk. Then Crawl. Then Kneel. No prayer.
You won't need that anymore
You're already here.
You did, didn't You. You forgot we were already Flying.
You won't need to anymore.
You won't forget this Flight.
Not this time.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Leaf

An Invitation to another Life
Meeting everyone who did their best to Help
Giving away what you Forgot
Leaving what was terrible at the Door
Helping, In mysterious ways the good ones you left Behind
Enjoying the beauty you were too blind to see in the Mortal Coil
Pleasantly leaving your weapons at the Gate
Holding on to Nothing
Harbouring not the malice and pressure of earthly Existence
Weeping with Grace
Cleaning the soul of it's Impurities
Never mentioning the Why

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Wanting to Walk Through this life with you.
Dreaming of You and I crumbling into each other.
Pretending you're invisible just so I believe you're always around me.
Harmless delusions that you still want me by your side.
Welling up when I see you for real,
No matter what state you're in.
Always meaning to say what has been left unsaid.
Remembering to feel amnesia when thoughts sway to our parting.
A bedtime mantra said outloud when I close my eyes.
Hoping that someday you'll be the one that smothers me with compassion.
When thoughts turn your way it's something stronger than love.
Noticing the lucky hand of years in your presence.
Time to forget the reason we decided that parting was a good idea.
Growing each day through each trial I face.
Flowering as I know that you are becoming what you need to be.
Knowing that look you wear when you shrug and smile away the tears.
Recognizing the strength of feeding our ethereal connection.
Grand times always with my heart in your hands.
A sadness sometimes so heavy that I can't help but to smile.
Only the truly lucky can understand this type of logic.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Quiet Decay

Comes In Waves
Hurts Like Blades
Leaves You Dry
Helps You Cry

Learn From Pain
The Best Teacher

Set Apart
From The Heart

Eaten By Doubt
Comfort In Distractions
Knowledge From Regret
Embraced By Failure
Victories Cast Aside
To Endure Is Bliss
Survival Is Pleasure
Edge Of Reason Bleeds Pride
Racing Thoughts Dive Deep
Telepathic Soul Finds The Antidote
Sanity's Fine Line Is Paper Thin
The Suffering Exit Point


You tried.
You pieced it all together.
You broke it all down.
You were up for the challenge.
Everyone and everything was against you.
Not that they didn't care.
They just figured you couldn't do it.
When you finished, they were amazed.
It was always in vain,
As they didn't know it was possible.
They swept it all under the rug,
Like a shitty janitor.
Now they want you to forget.
Forget they made you try,
Forget that you made do.
The effort made you a champion.
Now you
Just want to Forget
To End It
To Lose the irreversible Feeling
Of Loss through a private victory
One Day we'll all figure out what went on
Not in your lifetime.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Slip on Rocks

You slip.
Never destined to keep your footing.
Now you just look for cheaper ways to fall further.
Nothing really helps,
Nothing simply breaks your fall.
You look under boulders for unturned ideas.
You never wanted it to be as rough as this.
You might as well make it worse,
Or just harder.
Harder and deeper lets you cherish the moments of bliss all that much more
Or at least you try to think that way.
Masochism at least gives you some control.
It clarifies that you're fit for your job,
If you find it, you'll lose it,
It doesn't matter anyway.
When you find it, it'll be gone soon.
Helps you accept it ,
Helps you cherish it,
Helps ease you into the inevitable.
Makes you listen,
Forces a grin,
Lets you see that perfection is in the moment.
You need not expect more.
If you do you're just setting yourself up for more disasters.
The Real Truth is that when the curtain falls,
That perfection you once felt if only for a moment
Lasts Forever.