Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Embrace. A Kiss. Air.
Meltdown. Cradled.
Sensual. Aura.
Soaring. The clouds envelope your spirit.

A gift from another time.

You use the power for reason, for change.

You trust.
You must give trust for the flight.
No wings, just thought,
the right thought and you’re up… in flight.

There is no mind or weight or toxins
There is only life after the beacon is seen.

We all have the chance for flight.

To leave. To stay. First walk. Then crawl. Then kneel.

No prayer. You won’t need that anymore.
You’re already there.
You did, didn’t you?
You forgot we were already flying. You won’t need to anymore.
You won’t forget this flight. Not this time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chapbook release, "The Love Marble"

Well Ladies and Gents, It's Happenin'!
My Third Chapbook Release just dropped.

The title, "The Love Marble" is available for 8 bucks at:

Dave's Books and Sundries (Cobourg's Newest Bookstore!)

32 King Street West (on the North side of King)

Cobourg, Ontario

The book is also available through me (so far) and can be easily mailed out to your address for

10 bucks (2 bucks to cover postage). So please contact me with your details and I'll snail you one!

I'm really hyped about this latest release and hope to inspire everyone but also sell a ton!

House copies are also available to "read" at:

The Cat and The Fiddle (Cobourg)

Meet Me at 66 King (Cobourg)


The Human Bean (Cobourg)

After you have your pint or your coffee, please skip over to "Dave's Books and Sundries" and buy a copy!


and above all else, buy one or two and please SPREAD THE NEWS!!!

Love you,

Brandon W E Hahn

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Upside To Down

Every little inkling of humour is recognized
when you're down this far

A cat with extra toes

A retarded house fly

Seagull crap on the hood of your car

A moment of indecision when you think of how you will off yourself
Maniacal laughter when you don't do it for the millonth time

Drinking something like stout just because you hate it
Doing anything that you don't like just for fun

Loving the fact that you care about something as trivial as the full moon
and pissing your pants at the 24 hour news

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Path of Intention

Was it what I intended?
Or did I forget my good intentions?
I left them at the door

I left them at the door
Did you believe I could do it?
You didn't cause I know you well enough

You left it at the door
Are we all just jealous?
When we get the gates before us
The odd time they let a few of us in
A few of us in for bliss

And leave the rest at the opening
At the footsteps of the door

Our intentions are always pure
Yet we ourselves are a mess of dirt
Us, those ones left at the foot of the gate.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blind Memory

I was with you tonight
In invisible sense

Your every touch melts
Even just a glance
You envelop me
All I do is quiver

You are my version of perfect
Even if I know I cannot have you
Reason enough to know I once did

I carry on with you in my heart
Never searching for a replacement
Never searching for a comparison

You remind me of a time
When all things were innocent
Finding you was magic
Saving graces are thoughts that I once was there.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold Simplicity

Sound advice
Laugh at absurdity
Love in a stranglehold
Hearing that is so selective
Before many courts

A scribe bursting inside
Laws without guilt
Judged as a duck
Your seer feels the pebbles
A banished scarlet letter
Lifted from a healed chest

Drawn to the ascension of a kingdom
On trial for a better class structure
Known as an expensive harlot
Egged on by innocent wage
Down to a level she doesn't see
By a presence heard by secrecy

Lessons learned, knowledge forgotten
Levels that bring frozen change

Beads of forgiveness beckon for a call back to a time too exciting
Justified lovers an opportune find
Clarity is fighting to blossom into a spring of tangible wealth
An id that has continuous fragance
An oxymoron that breathes heat into veins
To quell the cold hearted masses

Shovelling the ploughed heaviness of a tardy snowfall
That empties unto a lonely path
A bad rain of dark colours in each full load of wayside thrown hard flakes
A broken fool, a tear trickles and freezes down a windburnt cheek

A give up, give in, an unforgotten life
A well heard level up

An unoriginal line out of mouth in order to sell familiarity
A relationship known for struggling with the obvious
Followed by love filled tension
A headlock, a bruised thigh, a scar on hidden parts

A stitch of laughter that hurts
As it brings up sweet memories
Of a short scathing fest of healing, angst, desire and kismet.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Sync up
Means it might be like
Sharing the moment
Like having someone to enjoy life with

Stepping on those perfect stones
On that winding thorny path
Picking only ripened fruit

Without bylaw infringement
Without gawkers and onlookers
Without party spoilers and funjumpers
Only favours

When there's that triumph of will there certainly must be a way
A way to pleasant spaces
Nature takes you there
Nature walks you through it
Sunlight, moonlight, shadows and flames
All guide you on the slopes

Divine timing lets us choose who we are
A time of finding that perfect other you
Lets it work out any way

After that last look at the watch
You jump in without testing a toe
You dive in head first with your trust
She's in there
Watching as you've waited
Synchronized and well developed

The only time you have from now on
is forever.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wet Drip

Tear World
Anti-cryin' pill poppin'
Anti-cryin' topical, shampoo, toothpaste
Anything so not to continue
They bring 'em in
They break 'em down
A tear drop falls from a jet blue sky
A blood drop maps throughout the chambers of the heart
To keep us going
Gets to keep us going
Gets hard
Gets tired
Gets tried
Gets true
A wet drip
Could've just as well come from an armpit
After all the work we've done
Together and Us
A wet drip

Theme Park

You must be this tall
You must not operate heavy machinery
It may cause drowsiness
Take with Food

Your ride is almost over, special
Was it what you've expected?
You said,"No Surprises."
Yet we threw the book at you
You asked for safe passage
We gave it to you
What we didn't tell you was that it was scary
The element of Fear in the mind begets the laws of a physical safe passage

Your ride is almost over, special
We hoped you enjoyed the journey
Was it what you expected?
'Cause we're back to where we started
And then we start where we left off
That's how its done around these parts

In the illusion of universal love, everyone gets swept away
Then it ends
The Ride
Its over now
Next time
No Expectations, okay?
It'll be a more pleasurable experience 'cause the house of horrors burned to the ground
We can't stop smiling
'Cause it was your ride to begin with
A final word of thanks for letting us man the controls.