Friday, June 25, 2010

My Shot.

Today has been kinda funny in a weird way.
Normally my Friday is about getting my shot. A kind of distemper shot if you will. It's an Anti-Psychotic med that comes in the form of a needle in the butt. It kinda keeps me glued together until I get my next one. Funny, a shot in the butt in order for you to be okay enough to be out in public. Oh well, it works... but today was different. The pharmacy didn't have it on hand. So I guess I have to face stark reality until next week. Feeling a little anxiety ridden right now... I guess it's just the psychosomatic knowledge that I'm without the Rx that I have not yet to miss in over a year... Monday is the day to look forward to that shot in the arse and my parent's are worried and pissed at the pharmacy... I'm not, hey, if the zombie apocalypse happens, the last thing I'd be worried about would be my mental health...err... well maybe that...hmmmmm.
Go Brazil!
I'll keep you posted!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Boiled Eggs

I was stewing over what to have this afternoon before I dove into Chicken Paprikas for my dinner. It's weird that we depend on these little ground fowl for a lot of different things.
That's what made me want a "Soft Boiled Egg".

Recipe for a "Soft Boiled Egg and Toast" -


A pot that will comfortably fit 2 cups of water.
A teaspoon
A butter knife
A plate (medium or dinner size, depending on how much toast you want)


Eggs (in the shell)
Becel, lard or salted butter (just pick one)
Bread slices


For Soft Boiled Egg -

1. On one of the small elements on the top of the stove, set burner to MAX.
2. Place pot on burner with at least 2 cups of water inside.
3. Heat to a rolling boil.
4. Add egg to boiling water (place egg slowly into pot with teaspoon)
5. Boil egg for 4-5 minutes for soft boiled perfection.
6. Turn stove to OFF
7. Scoop egg from water with teaspoon and run under cold tap water until your hand can handle it.
8. Pick up butter knife and give the eggshell a good whack with the edge so as to give the shell a straight crack along the side halfway up.
9. Lightly scoop out the inside of the egg with teaspoon and place on inside on plate.

For Toast-

1. Some have the toaster in a cupboard, some have the toaster on the counter. Get your fucking toaster!
2. Put your bread into the toaster on desire "toast" setting.
3. When toast "pops" use the butter knife to spread butter on the toast, preferably when hot.
4. If toast is burnt, you're a loser, get more bread and start over. This time you may have to pop it yourself.
5 After toast is done with the desired amount of butter on it. You have achieved a nice tasty snack.

The reason for a soft boiled egg is so you can dip you toast in the yolk.
The albumen or "white" of the egg is like the meat. I prefer a lot of pepper and salt with my soft boiled egg and use roughly 2 eggs per meal with 3 slices of toast. Lots of good yolk sopping goes on with this combination.

If you're hungry I find this meal is great for a before dinner fix.
Just to let you know, I found the Chicken Paprikas great, even if it was a victim of the microwave. I found that a half bowl of corn chips and a cola went well with it.

Simple Meals with Bran will continue soon.

Get Caught Up

Such is the low
of the problem addictions
That's if
there's anything at all wrong with addictions
I thought the idea of being addicted to something was that it made you happy and you always want more.
In that "Robert Palmer" kinda way
"Addicted" has that cool ring to it
"Addicted" in the social way has to mean or equate to a problem, a tragedy
of a state of being
I must be addicted to Loving.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

... Elipses ...

Denies me the privilege of calling anything a lost cause.
It implies a lack of ending.
Use the "old stand by",
Disaster or simple tragedy.
It's easier that way

When your face is in the facts
and your face shows the facts
you become the facts
and alibies
that conditioning
family history
and superstition all added up to one story.

That we all should give up, stop fighting and realize
The ride is over
let's line up for another one of the same


Why would you put stuff in a place where you needed mothballs?

The Joint?

Bliss to Exist
Sleep becomes your main source of healing
Every awake means a New You
Another try
Another do
Just open your eyes and wake up
Play again
Roll the dice
Like winning the lottery
Uncracking the eye crust
To receive again
And again
Make your list
And put "Clean up the Joint!" on it.

Too Much Therapy (1st Revision)

Too much therapy let's them crack the hard boiled exterior
Even when the shell was never that solid in the first place
The hard boiled facade was too 90s anyway
and we're bringing back the 70s and 80s
and trying to just blend in
and make things add up to a little less than ridiculous
So that we might be around for a romp at midnight
and have nothing more to give after that
Except for a good complaint.
After too much therapy I should be welded perfectly shut
and have less stories to tell
and learn to shut up
and choose my moments
to attempt to maintain control of a situation that's fully out of whack.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vicious Rumours of the Small Town Hustle

Orwellian State Authority may be a positive thing.
Keep 'em in their place.
To instill a "fear" in "people".
That you are being watched.
By an element unseen.
Call it whatever you call it.
Everyone is being monitored.
Even when hiding in a locked closet eating drywall.
Even if you believe that you are doing the watching.
The Eye is
On you too.
The "thought" police are more likely a keystone type of authority
and should moreso be called the "lost" police.
The act of securing a free and clear thinker to harness her energy because they've got more time on their hand than they realize.
The viciousness of what goes on behind the scenes makes the "thought" police seem like they're making the best of their jobs.

At rounding up the ones who are harmless.

Instead of focusing on the true danger.

Carl Vaughn III

So... a win.
A run in.
As the Rum trickles down.
A gentleman, with a 22 year Russian model, close to the bar asks,
"What do you do for a living?"
"I'm a writer," I say, proudly.
I then ask, "What do you do for a living?"
"I win." the gentleman says.
As you survive what you're been through and are issued, you begin to think and say,
"Hey... it's all about the small victories."

A Laundry List Of What Was Lost When The Plane Hit The Pentagon

What was lost when the Plane hit the Pentagon?

The JFK File.
The Oswald File.
The Ruby File.

The Ark of the Covenant.
The Diagram on how to evacuate the Pentagon.
3 Pairs of Toenail Clippers.
5 Clones Of George W. Bush.
The Herb the made KFC more tasty.
1 Trans Fat
1 Plane

Drinking Games Without The Booze

These are our new fandangled College Days, by the way.
Even after the fact that you feel
or don't feel much like loading up your brain and learning any more.
That one belongs back in a high school clique scenario.
Step Out!
Break the Mold!
You're in your Thirties!
Become Yourself.
Even if the writing on the walls doesn't make much sense.
If you like it, Wear the Shoes!
If you can't stand it, Find Another Pair!

Slip up the Steps

Guilt Ridden at the loss of public trust.
That's where Religion, Science, Politics, and Protocol begin to blend.
And your silent G-O-D ends up being the only One who knows what to do about
the corrupted situation.
This mindset may take a while to cure.
Or maybe it just takes a nice ole fashioned pat on the back.