Friday, March 12, 2010

Why a Blog???

Hey all!

As most all of you know I am a beginner as a poet.
I have been writing in many forms for many years and am finding it a great avenue to show how much I love poetry as an artform.
I am picking away at my blog and trying to add a piece daily.

Thanks for all the support!
I have two chapbooks together now and look forward to getting a more masterful composition out in the late spring.

Thanks to all who have obtained a copy.

I am now getting some of my work out there by "snail mail" and hope to have a real following in a short time.

When you read the work, please pass the word on that poetry is now my occupation.

If you would like to acquire a copy of one of my chapbooks please feel free to ask.

So far the first one is out of stock and the art in it will be added to the third compilation and dissected to make it a little more palatable.

I will be getting more of the second "piece of work" out to suit demand.
Let me know if you want a copy and, toute de suite, it will be yours.

I am attending the POW! workshops in Cobourg, Ontario at the "Meet Me at 66 King" coffee house in the months of April and look forward to reading something enlightening and meeting lots of talented people.

If you stop by the blog feel free to leave a note of what you'd like to see (topic) and I'll do my best to suit that need.

Currently, I speak weekly at "Capone's" - the old Cobourg Jail (open jam) and look forward to the other forms of entertainment.
So if you're in town, come and take a look.
Wednesday's at 7pm.

I'd love to have more reader's of my work.
I love when it actually gets in the hands of fan's of poetry and verse.

So ... if you stop by ... leave a note.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Mental Feng Shui

You deserve this
The people do too
When you look at someone who has seen you before
Are you sure its really them?
Why do I feel like a live poet?
Sans question mark?
My life revolves around a candy house
Have you ever eaten a house?
Its expensive
It requires a lot of Feng Shui
And reprogramming
It doesn’t cave in
A poem is based on merit
A poem is based on understanding
A poem is based on whatever comes out of your head
That is what poetry is all about
If you’re a poet
I would think
That you made
That you make
Perfect cents.

- Bran.

Sunday, March 7, 2010



Thinking about Giving Up
I saw a sign once
Told me not to
Jog my memory
For something immaculate
For a change
Fit the pieces of the puzzles together
So even the worn out ones
Make sense
Feasting on rejection
Feasting on ambivalence
Feasting on reinventing
The wheel
Hit a milestone today
A rejection I feel good about
Just getting the phone call
Means a little more than nothing
A milestone turned upside down
Leads you to greener pastures
Every now and then
- Bran.

Friday, March 5, 2010



I stared at you
You said nothing
Your face said it all
One million times over
Your past
The worst parts are fading
At least that’d be my wish
You’re a light
In a truly narrow channel
You’re a glove
Either ready to slap
Or ready
To put a cold hand in
We’ve come far
Although we really don’t see enough of each other
The world sees more of us
Than we do
I guess that’s what happens with the newly star cross’d

- Bran.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh That Block


Too drummed up
Not abusive
No brain silence
No mental peace
No peace of mind
No cocktail can quell
At least for a long while
A strength that I can’t muster
An omen that can’t be taken away
Poetry can only be from a dead man’s hands
Up early
Down late
Come clean
Down low
Knocked out
Not from a punch
But from just words
And from things quietly taken
And taken slowly

- Bran.

Ton of Bricks

Ton of Bricks

Feel that wave
Its like a ton of bricks
Feel that energy shift
Brings ya to your knees
Brings more than salvation to the floor
A knockout nose nudge that holds weight
A blistered hand that punches that clock
A calm drive through that level five
A ton of bricks
A weeping tile to handle the foundation
A kind of love session with virtual penetration
At ease with ourselves as the cold blights warm us up
To nice a summer got us all soft
We’ve forgotten what we’re here for, folks
This ain’t no hippy chick
This ain’t no dandy movement
This is your new age
It hit some worse than expected
More than a ton of bricks.

Flat Tire

Flat Tire

How much does it take to feel safe?
Late at night
Fump fump fump
Call someone who knows
Learn from a book
Keep some road flares
And some kitty litter
Bald as a baby’s butt
Squeal and cut loose
Hex and tighten one at a time
Road resistance
Tire broke off, eh?
Get the credit cards out
Take it to an unknown dealership
Bank roll the mechanic
For a few bolts
How much cash you got?
Can’t swipe
I’ll miss that dealership and they’ll miss me
Gonna be a good year
- Bran.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Visions and Laughs

Sexy and Fiery

When I see you
I drop
I take a knee
I need a coupla seconds
Whatever dress
Whatever number
The brown one looks best
Your tits look good in it
Fishnet stockings
Especially on you
Make you look like candy
The way you twist your pasta dish
Makes me back arch
The thought of you
With another
Simply makes me feel unlucky
On certain days
I just see you
As a vision
Instead of the physical
The rest of the days
Make me wish to wake up beside you
You head on my chest
Helps my head sleep
Your lips
Put my heart into overdrive
Even when I’m not around
Wherever you came from it had to be hot
A flaming teardrop in your left eye
makes me think you’ll stick up for me
Drinking you in
Makes you angry for me not doing anything
“How can you just sit there?”
You say
I’m paralysed
I’m all stutters
I’m in a cocoon
I wish I was in his shoes
Sometimes I think he wishes he was in mine
Your hair
In auburn noire locks
You back has a curve that makes me think
You should be in the Louvre
It scares me to offend you with a compliment
Which is why
I plug a smoke in my face
And shut up
And continue
To drink you in
Something you don’t understand
And perhaps get slapped
For not doing something
Your nature makes us need each other more with the passage of time.

Angels are put to bed
Men become hair bullies
Sheep grow fangs and eat their lambs
Cows still know
They even know what the weather’s gonna be like
So do the sea gulls. They can smell rain.
And everybody who ever visits anyone lives at the airport
And no one ever dies
Sea and sky
Its only money
Tools to buy bubblegum

I See

I see

Whatever it is in you
That is essentially good
That is amazing
That is beautiful
I see

You don’t see
That I see that

You don’t see
My honesty
You see
My dark side
And move your face
When I move in for a kiss
And your hand pushes me away

When I need you to guide me to nowhere
I get it
I can’t give you enough
There aren’t many other issues

Its simple
You’re not for me
I’m not for you
Soultwins aside
You need someone to talk to
You need someone else
Someone to provide you with a house of gleaming tiles and a child’s smile
The unfortunate mess is that I cannot even bring you that
At least not right now