Thursday, July 15, 2010


The last couple of days have been productive.
I've started writing my revisions to my first screenplay.
It's been delicious and intimidating, if you could describe it that way.
Daunting is another description.
I love it though...
it sits on the desk by my bed and I have thought about continually for a long while. I wake up and take a few pokes at reading it and scribing it.
Mentally I've been great...
completely chilled out and sleep has also been productive and driven.
I am adding a burst of poetry to the film and I think it brings a level of humility to the project.
Tune in... to this construction of what I think is a major part of my life as a writer.
Feel free to drop a line if you follow.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It worked out. Now, it's workin' out

The whole missing a couple of days of my much needed innoculation worked.
Only had a few anxiety attacks.
Now I'm rollin'.
I'm now doing some much needed work on my screenplay.
I've neglected it for far too long.
Today I will be revising and over the next couple of days, weeks and months I'll be pecking away at it.
I'll let you know how my progress is going on this blog.
The feeling of getting back to work on something I was so dedicated to a few years ago is kind of freeing.

Feel free to follow.