Thursday, November 18, 2010


Where you find darkness
Being Appears.
Where you find fraud
Honesty Appears.

In that true moment

You declare

A thinker’s abundance.

You declare war against
The anger,
The despair,
The deprecation.
They helped, yet hindered
At the same time.
Yet you only have seen the help
That’s what really comes through in redemption.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Can we just not mention that aspect of our lives?
Too beautiful
Not mentioning jealousy
Not mentioning the tears
Not mentioning staring at the skies
Just wondering
Wondering and the time wandering
Not mentioning the state of being at the time when things get all
… get all… looking down from a rooftop
Voices inside and outside always yelling
Yelling that blasted word
Not mentioning a lot of that.
A lot of that limits the stream of feeling.
Feeling the whatever you’re supposed to feel
Not mentioning is simply the feeble attempt at not feeling something you’ll eventually feel at later date anyway.
Just maybe with someone else.
Maybe that’s the way it has to be.
What the junk do we know anyway?
We need not know what I know.
Wait. Maybe I just said more than I should?
I don’t do well verbally most of the time.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

It Must Be Part 2

It must be that I’m attracted to what You Were.
It must be that I’m living in the past,
‘Cause I’m not that kid anymore,
and you ain’t that girl.
It must be that we see different,
That we aren’t anything alike,
That you’re not even my type,
That we’re both different kinds of Crazy,
The kinds of crazy that when we’re crazy for each other it gets sour real quick.
I still want us in some weird way.
Even though I saw you turn, I witnessed your darkness.
In some weird way I wished this train wreck was salvageable
But all I can pick up that means anything are the stupid arguments
The rest of the remains of Us.
Still sweet but in so many pieces that only a scientist could put it back together.
And they’re all mad now cause it fell off the rails in first place
And I’m mad that you’ve turned
And you’re mad that I became wild
And the rest are mad because they just wish it could be anything but boring.
At least we have that.
That it just keeps getting more and more exciting
That even though the hot coals of my reflections on our years blisters my skin.
That at least we’ll have something truly unique to look back on
Until the scientists use the new math to pull us back together.
We deserve that much.
‘Cause we can’t do it ourselves, can we?

Friday, November 5, 2010

It Must Be

You are the one in the music
The music that follows me around
The heart ache, the soul break
They speak of you
All the time
You’re playing the game
Because of you
Blaming me. Everything on me.
Your ghost
You’re a ghost that’s alive and follows me around
Through the radio, the tv, the newspapers
Every point of light and dark makes me think you’re still in me
Part of me
I’m kidding myself
‘Cause you’re gone
and won’t be back
You and they against my inner wall
Pointing in my direction
Everything apples
It was just you
It must just be you and me

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Suns and Daughters

My Son
There will never be another you.
My Daughter
There will never be anyone as unique.

The time has passed to declare you a Man
Sometimes it takes a long while
And sometimes you aren’t given a choice.
To be a man at birth,
Or a woman among kin.

The sun rays glisten on Daughters and Sons
Who follow the rules and even bend them a little.

You were little ones once
I still feel little some days
but who’s to say who the real grown ups are.

I will love you both just for making an appearance in my life
I apologize if I change too much as the years get on
I’m sure the understanding is there.

Sunshine basks on the bodies of Daughter's and Son's.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Laugh

A hard concept to grasp
When placed next to Tears
Tears make it easier to notice the whys
Laughs are harder to notice or explain
Though we do not know why
We just think its funny
Sooner or later
the Laughs become understandable
Sooner or later
you tolerate the Tears
Sooner or later
you are given a reason
As to why we feel the wide range of Emotions
Laughter or Giggles
May be construed as nervous or God given Healing
That you need to get through
The clenched fist fear and Tears
Tears that corrode a laughing face
Tears that dance and trickle down cheeks
Like drops of Ocean
Tears dry up and become a loose fitting Smirk
In Short Moments
Where fear no longer treads
A single laughing matter is what we hunt for in this Game
Where deception follows a hard lesson
Where cheating helps until you get slapped by Honesty
Where you still end up Laughing
and trying to explain
and foible up the ending.