Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chapbook release, "The Love Marble"

Well Ladies and Gents, It's Happenin'!
My Third Chapbook Release just dropped.

The title, "The Love Marble" is available for 8 bucks at:

Dave's Books and Sundries (Cobourg's Newest Bookstore!)

32 King Street West (on the North side of King)

Cobourg, Ontario

The book is also available through me (so far) and can be easily mailed out to your address for

10 bucks (2 bucks to cover postage). So please contact me with your details and I'll snail you one!

I'm really hyped about this latest release and hope to inspire everyone but also sell a ton!

House copies are also available to "read" at:

The Cat and The Fiddle (Cobourg)

Meet Me at 66 King (Cobourg)


The Human Bean (Cobourg)

After you have your pint or your coffee, please skip over to "Dave's Books and Sundries" and buy a copy!


and above all else, buy one or two and please SPREAD THE NEWS!!!

Love you,

Brandon W E Hahn

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