Friday, February 4, 2011


Sync up
Means it might be like
Sharing the moment
Like having someone to enjoy life with

Stepping on those perfect stones
On that winding thorny path
Picking only ripened fruit

Without bylaw infringement
Without gawkers and onlookers
Without party spoilers and funjumpers
Only favours

When there's that triumph of will there certainly must be a way
A way to pleasant spaces
Nature takes you there
Nature walks you through it
Sunlight, moonlight, shadows and flames
All guide you on the slopes

Divine timing lets us choose who we are
A time of finding that perfect other you
Lets it work out any way

After that last look at the watch
You jump in without testing a toe
You dive in head first with your trust
She's in there
Watching as you've waited
Synchronized and well developed

The only time you have from now on
is forever.

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