Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Embrace. A Kiss. Air.
Meltdown. Cradled.
Sensual. Aura.
Soaring. The clouds envelope your spirit.

A gift from another time.

You use the power for reason, for change.

You trust.
You must give trust for the flight.
No wings, just thought,
the right thought and you’re up… in flight.

There is no mind or weight or toxins
There is only life after the beacon is seen.

We all have the chance for flight.

To leave. To stay. First walk. Then crawl. Then kneel.

No prayer. You won’t need that anymore.
You’re already there.
You did, didn’t you?
You forgot we were already flying. You won’t need to anymore.
You won’t forget this flight. Not this time.

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