Thursday, February 3, 2011

Theme Park

You must be this tall
You must not operate heavy machinery
It may cause drowsiness
Take with Food

Your ride is almost over, special
Was it what you've expected?
You said,"No Surprises."
Yet we threw the book at you
You asked for safe passage
We gave it to you
What we didn't tell you was that it was scary
The element of Fear in the mind begets the laws of a physical safe passage

Your ride is almost over, special
We hoped you enjoyed the journey
Was it what you expected?
'Cause we're back to where we started
And then we start where we left off
That's how its done around these parts

In the illusion of universal love, everyone gets swept away
Then it ends
The Ride
Its over now
Next time
No Expectations, okay?
It'll be a more pleasurable experience 'cause the house of horrors burned to the ground
We can't stop smiling
'Cause it was your ride to begin with
A final word of thanks for letting us man the controls.

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