Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold Simplicity

Sound advice
Laugh at absurdity
Love in a stranglehold
Hearing that is so selective
Before many courts

A scribe bursting inside
Laws without guilt
Judged as a duck
Your seer feels the pebbles
A banished scarlet letter
Lifted from a healed chest

Drawn to the ascension of a kingdom
On trial for a better class structure
Known as an expensive harlot
Egged on by innocent wage
Down to a level she doesn't see
By a presence heard by secrecy

Lessons learned, knowledge forgotten
Levels that bring frozen change

Beads of forgiveness beckon for a call back to a time too exciting
Justified lovers an opportune find
Clarity is fighting to blossom into a spring of tangible wealth
An id that has continuous fragance
An oxymoron that breathes heat into veins
To quell the cold hearted masses

Shovelling the ploughed heaviness of a tardy snowfall
That empties unto a lonely path
A bad rain of dark colours in each full load of wayside thrown hard flakes
A broken fool, a tear trickles and freezes down a windburnt cheek

A give up, give in, an unforgotten life
A well heard level up

An unoriginal line out of mouth in order to sell familiarity
A relationship known for struggling with the obvious
Followed by love filled tension
A headlock, a bruised thigh, a scar on hidden parts

A stitch of laughter that hurts
As it brings up sweet memories
Of a short scathing fest of healing, angst, desire and kismet.

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